Child Protection

You Can Save The Future Of Any Child By Taking The Responsibilty Of Any Single Or More Childs By Providing Them Education.

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You Can Adopt A Child Or Take Fully Responsibilty Of Any Single Or More Childs By Providing Them Education Or By Providing Them All Resources Related To Edcation.

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We Can Give A Smile To Needy And Poor children's By Providing them better Education Environment And By Providing Resources.

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A Few Words Of Our History

23rd march, 2014 (Pakistan Resolution day) was the day the Need Based Education Foundation (NBEF) came into existence.
On the eve of Prestigious day of Pakistan’s history, we vowed to make Pakistan unbeatable in every aspect this idea is only possible by Education and this is the cardinal genesis of Need Based Education Foundation (NBEF).
The founder of this Organization is Muhammad Arslan Javed.

On a formal day Mr. Arslan saw some street boys trying to find some Gold in the Box,
You know what that Gold was?
It was Garbage

That moment changed his life. He approached those children and asked them about their home, economic resources and reasons why they are not studying but doing the labor
You know what they replied, why to study??

“We neither have to eat neither to wear, than how can we waste money on education?”
That hit right in the Heart.

So, He starts Survey . . .
He found numerous reasons why they are not going to school like
• In Some cases it’s because of not having enough money even to survive.
• Distant schools like in Rural Area were also putting their impact.
• Fee of private schools were remarkably very high to not be affordable.
These and numerous alike-them are hence causing of Child Labor.

“Today these children and 1600 other children are getting education because of the spirit and effort of Need Based Education Foundation (NBEF)”









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NBEF Need Based Education Foudation "بڑھتے چلو"

Our Solely Purpose Is To Help Needy Children.Its Our Objective,and Passion We Fight For Those Poor Children Which Have No Resources To get Education Freely.Its Our Aim And Its Our Dream That Every Single Child Sholud Get Education So they Can Change Thier Lives And Also Others.By Geting Edcation They Can Aware About Importance Of Education .

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January 3, 2017

Arts Competition ( Hira Public School Lahore )

Hira Public School Lahore

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January 3, 2017

School Rehabilitation in Pattoki (Apna School System)


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December 12, 2016

Arts Competition Pattoki 2016


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NBEF بڑھتے چلو Needs your Financial Support regarding its project in #Khabeke. We need Rs 2,00,000 for constructing rooms, washroom...


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NBEF (...بڑھتے چلو) Today we are proud for becoming reason of Smile for a #Mother. We are so proud of...